Monday, October 8, 2012

About n from Work Place!

Ok. I am bored! I do have work, apart from what my friends may think, but m lazy to do @ the moment. So here i am. Since I am at my work, thought of scribbling down about itself, or moreover about the workplace. I should have the minimum courtesy to mention about the place i spent soo much of my time, no?
Al Emadi Financial Square. A luxurious compound of multi buildings with lots of cafes and restaurants. My office is in the 2nd building, 2nd floor. Step out from the lift, 1st door to the right. You need the finger print access to get through the door. And watch out, before u makes your hair, or face, there’s cam watching u over the head. :D
                                                                     Al Emadi Financial Square

Rhoane! Our office secretary, one person who works the most. After greeting her with a smile, u enter through a glass door, to see the entire office, which is a large square space separated with desks for each.

I work in the main office of a Turkish Engineering Contracting & Trading firm in Doha. And expect me and for another guy, everyone’s either from Turkey or Philippines. Should say, these Turkish guys are handsome!

There are four sections. Admin, HR & Accounts, Tender department and Food dept. which is our pantry. Admin deals with the running of the office, HR & Accounts with the recruiting and financial sides and then us the tender department with the contracts, tender and engineering works. And there are 3 conference rooms out of which one is used as relaxing/phoning lounge, a pantry and 2 washrooms each for both genders. There are 19 regular employees of whom five are the fairer beings and some visiting employees all throughout the day from the other branches too.

Tender dept. accommodate the center as we are the bread winners :D, and front portion of the office, with HR at the back and Admins/managers at the side to have an eye upon everyone. (Hope they are not watching me at the moment :P)

First and last few days of the month it’s pretty busy at the HR n accounts sections. Or else they are relaxed with FB, tabs, androids and the regular intake of caffeine. At the tender dept. it’s busy almost every time, so we tend to relax when we feel like.

The food dept. is the busiest area solely headed by Hussain, our Chai bro. An awesome happy guy, with a smile always on his face, and coffee/tea/snacks at the respective desks on a wink. He’ll never let anyone forget their routine drinks. Green, black, Indian, Turkish, Sri Lankan tea…. U name it, U got it!

The highlight of this office complex is the food outlets. Nando’s a Portugese restaurant, MBCO hails from Montreal in Canada, is a bakery shop concept featuring freshly baked breads, gourmet sandwiches, desserts and exotic coffees (true and they provide great ambience and good customer service), Farggi is a Spanish restaurant specialized in ice cream, fine pastries, chocolate, sandwiches and coffee, Papparoti with their fresh-baked buns and coffee and also a Lebanese dine out too. But no Indian Foods! :( So if you are in a mood to enrich your taste buds, you have a handful of choices.
                            Nando's with its excellent seatings


So that’s an overall picture about the place I spend most of my day!

Oops! Got to go….. Work is staring at me … Friday seems soo faraway…mmmh…. Bye!


P.S. Love Your Job But Never Fall In Love With Your Company, Because You Never Know When It Stops Loving You. –APJ


God Blez.


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