Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oct, Are you gonna behave properly ...???

Dear October,

How are you? Hope everything’s is going fine with you. Anyways it’s not in my case. And this letter of mine to you is sort of complaining about you.

Today is 10th. i.e. just 10 days since you have arrived and to be frank ‘m done with you. First few days I was pretty busy in shifting to our new house, which is a nice one btw. And then my job started to get into my nerves for some valid reasons to me and guess, coz of that everything started freaking me out. And I have been shifting from being angry to sad to desperate to worry to happy and what all emotions you can name, and that too at the span of shortest time. I find it so freaking annoying even to wake up in the morning. I hate when anyone tries to make his/her point, and I start arguing, and if someone mocks me, then they are done, esp. my bro. He’s gonna hate me this month :(. And today what triggered me to whine to you is, I was planning to buy a car, and to my dismay, Dad went and saw a vehicle and even gave a small amount as advance (grrrrrrrrrrr…………) and I DON’T want that thing! Now, how ‘m gonna get rid of that four wheeled creature? So today it’s gonna be Word War between me and my otherwise great dad, and at the end more obviously I’ll be in more rotten mood.

Ok. I know all these are the silliest of the issues you have ever heard, but they are making me have some horrible mood swings. And I don’t know how you gonna solve this or whether you are even concerned. But just be good at least for the rest of the days! Coz, when you being hard on me, i am gonna be extra hard on those around me, which i definitely don't agree. So don't make it difficult for me to be good to others. BE GOOD!



Me (who else…???!!!.... aaah …??)

P.S. Anyways I love you. Coz u decreases the distance to home. ;)

God Blez.

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