Saturday, April 20, 2013

R for ... ...

R for "Ramblings"

Life is not always easy. And it is not definitely like the fairy tales we read in childhood. Fairy tales were full of magic,  goodness and forever. But isn't a bit of fairy tale seen in life too? There are magical moments, evil and good, smiles and tears, love and hatred.

Something that can be never planned is your vacation period in this world. You doesn't know when to start nor end. You chart your days as you wish but obviously it is messed up. We dream to reach somewhere, but numerous obstacles that we might have to tackle may drown the spirit in us. And when we look around,  we might see that everyone has advanced and we are so far behind that it takes immense strength, power and boldness to out-cross all of them or at-least to reach them. But the fear of failure and the anger of rejection might have poisoned our limbs and weaken them from further advancing.

But you are you. And nothing can change that.  Stand up and begin from the start.  Nothing can cure your fear expect yourself.

Coz... when you reach your dying years, there shouldn't be 'that' word in your mind which might break you down even before dying............. IF!

"Silencing the brain's ramblings gives the chances for wonderful thoughts to bloom."

P.S. A note to self.

God Blez.


  1. This is something I love to think, but I think I will never follow. I feel I am too weak to do what I want. Or the circumstances are too strong. Till then I am gonna read great posts on great blogs such as this one!

    1. Ohk! If you don't mind, can I ask what's that you wanna follow and never will...??

    2. There is nothing to mind.

      Maybe I wrote a bit too seriously.

      Thing is that I am always optimising for the long term. This means that I am kind of comfortable with respect to jobs etc., but when it comes to other things, like traveling and friends and girls, I keep myself from these because there is usually something to be done in the "long" term.

      Traveling can wait, but I think I am not too good to my friends from school and college and previous jobs. And girls... just the biggest mystery to me, I am either not serious or too serious about them at different times. Add to that my purely non-flexible nature and you get a very awkward combination. :-)

  2. Nice. This is the kind of post I need to read every morning. My hubby tells me not to fear the jumping off point, but I can't help it when my toes are curling over the edge of the cliff. Diving is dangerous, but you're right: it's better than "if."

  3. Your ramblings are much more profound than my type of ramblings. I just say a bunch of nonsense when I ramble. You say some amazing things when you ramble. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: