Thursday, April 18, 2013

P for ... ...

P is for "Perfect Guy for Me".

According to Indian society the right age for marriage for girls is before 25. And if a girl choose to remain a bachelorette till 28 or 29 then she'll have to face the questions from society like, "Why are you still single? Do you have any problems?, Are you in a relation with anyone?"........... Ufffff.........!!!!!!!!!!!!

And now as I am nearing my 24th Birthday, I am also going through this phase of "right time for marriage". 

So, if ever, someone who in their right mind thinks about spending the rest of their life with me do read on please…. and others too if you wanna know my kind of guy! ;)
Hey Buddy… Welcome to the world of insane mixture of emotions!!!  :)

I am a not so sweet and humble, but stubborn, adamant, arrogant, irritating, virtuous, independent, lovable n a caring female. I am not gonna change and if m forced to tune to your ways m gonna hate u for that, but if I choose to change myself for you, then obviously you’re truly awesome! So deal with me as I am. :)

I should love the way you talks. I don’t know what it means… but I have an instant likeness to people who talk really well. That doesn’t mean you have to be a talkative.  But..... Aaaah…….. I don’t know to explain.

I am in love with Shah Rukh Khan(Indian movie actor) ever since I have seen him acting. So you better love him and allow me to drool over him whenever he’s on screen. And be prepared to watch his movies over and over.

Isn't he such a cute guy???!!

Talking about movies, I love the English romantic drama P.S. I Love you. And whenever I feel like having a good cry, then, that’s what I do.

I love food, but that also depends upon my mood swings. I can go without food when m lazy ;), so what m asking is, Do u know how to Cook? ;)

Do you ride a bike?? If not, learn!

Chocolates.  If you get me one choc, once in two days then m happy.

Flowers. Once in a while it won’t hurt to turn up with a single flower.

I love roaming around. Be ready dude.

Long drive. I LOVEEEEE esp. at night. Be prepared to drag out of bed @ the middle of the night for a long drive and an ice cream. ;)

Beach.  My 1st love. You should take me there whenever I demand, irrespective of the time, schedules, job, tiredness or whatever.  :)

Movies. I prefer theaters than home screen.

If you have a problem with my friends-list either in person or in FB, with majority of the close ones being guys…. Learn to deal with it. Coz I dun intend to get them out my life just coz you came along. And actually they have been with me longer than you. And they are really good and at times may switch to your side to bitch about me. Happy??

Your female friends!! Ok. No issues if I like them. Or else…. We need to discuss about that.

I don’t love you. I don’t miss you. I hate you. … These phrases from my mouth have the exact opposite meaning and if I say I love u or I miss u, i really do that to the extreme.

I am not someone who gets jealous that fast, but once I feel that emotion, watch out!

If ‘m possessive about you, then, you mean to me more than I admit. 
If you are a cricket/sports fan who could leave everything for a match… sorry dear… it’s not gonna work.

“Males are superior to females” attitude??  Keep it deep within yourself. It won’t be entertained a bit.

I love books. And I need time to indulge myself into reading.   

If you think i would all the chores while you enjoy sitting simply, Never!! I am a strong believer of gender equality.                                               
At times m moody, and then give me my space. Or else u’ll just have the worst time.

I am a good listener, you can talk to me anything. And I don’t understand hints; do tell me exactly what’s there in your mind.

I can be a good friend :) and a better enemy. :P

Once in a while a morning coffee is appreciated like heaven. :D

If you have any problem with me, tell me and deal with it. We’ll argue, fight, shout and solve it. But don’t you dare to give me a silent treatment, I hate it! 

I don't wanna change my surname to yours once you tied the knot, But i don't mind having two surnames. ;)

Mmmmh..... Anyways done for the moment. But the list goes on n on. So when can we meet to discuss further?
I'm telling you, me and all my friends do feel sorry about you... but i assure, You really are Lucky! ;)

Happy living with me. :)

Ok. On a serious note, ‘m generally good person and a peace lover, so don’t worry much. We are gonna have a Blastful life! ;)

P.S. God blez you Sweetheart! :)


  1. This was such a cute post :) I hope you find him!

  2. I'm not a guy... but I did read on, and it was good to get to know more about you.

    1. Thank you so much! And even if you are not a guy, you are most welcome to read! :)

  3. Ha Ha, nothing wrong with being high maintenance! I love how you would make him dump his female friends. I'm sure the perfect guy is out there somewhere, agei is just a number. P.S I got married last year and refuse to change my surname! girl power.

    1. Thank you! :) I love your girl power(Surname)....way to go...!!!

  4. Your wants sound a lot like mine, but I have already passed the age where I am marriage material. They are all yours!

    1. Glad I get to meet someone like mee. :) So did you get your Perfect guy??

  5. LOL Loved this post. Nothing wrong with putting out there exactly what it's going to be like married to you.

    Dark Thoughts Blog

    1. Thanks :). Now he can't say I didn't warn him before ;)

  6. I heart SRK too! Always have, always will! ;)

    Four Leaf Clover

  7. Haha. At least you know yourself well. That is the majority of the battle - the other part is not rushing in, and you seem to have that down as well. :) Now it's your future guy's turn to step up.

    1. Actually my prayers is that my future guy doesn't turn up soon. I am still enjoying the status of been single :)

  8. Wow - the perfect guy for me? I don't even think I could come close to answering that one. I have a pretty great one right now, but I've come to realise that the perfect person for me Everyone else is just a happy extra!

    My 29th birthday was indeed bomblastic (love that word). One of the best days of my life.

    1. Perfect person for me is me. Very true. I always say to my friends that there's no one like me in this world and that I am unique. ;)

  9. Everybody loves SRK, so there is nothing odd in that.

    I think the main problem is with us as a society. I mean Indian Society. I am a male, turning 23 this month, so in a way I can relate to what you say.. albeit in a different way. It is really odd and confusing that we have to resort to telling people that I am not the perfect person you think (or the society makes you think) should be, I laugh, I cry, I shout, I have friends from the opposite sex, I have silly thoughts, I eat too much, I am a sore loser most of the time and I use the word "I" more than I should. (most of what I said applies to me, except the opposite sex friends :-) )

    Great post, happy blogging.

    1. But there are some Salman freaks too. Even thou I like him too.

      I admit the problem is with the society. Even when I say Perfect guy, I know there's not a single person in this world as "perfect". Even this Me is never near perfect or good. Everyone do have his own shades of grayness in him. But understanding the gray side of your partner and getting along with that is the Perfect relation.


    2. I am not really sure about perfect. I have only started thinking about marriage and the (perfect) girl for me, so I think it will take me some time to get to a conclusion.

      But yes, understanding all aspects of your partner is important. I would say both should be able to predict what the other would think or do in any given situation. With such coordination, who needs perfection?

      My friends (almost all male) think I think too much and that I am approaching this thing in a mathematical way, but whatever...

  10. All the best on finding Him; I know the pressure our society puts on us single girls the moment we turn 23 or I hate it. Thankfully my parents are cool about it.
    Great post on your dream guy..Wish you find him sooner ;)

    1. I never knew you were also in your 20's. Welcome to the gang. My parents are also sort of cool about this, but not much. I have time till I hit my 25, which is sadly next year.

    2. Ooops! And I will be 26.. and the noose is definitely tightening around me. God Save Our Souls :D

  11. Best wishes in finding the perfect man for you! And the actor you have a pic of above...never saw or heard of him before but yes! Very cute. :)

    1. Thank you! Isn't he? He's an Indian Actor. Very good one indeed.

  12. This is a cute post! I do hope you find the perfect guy for you. Too bad you're not in Amazonia where you can just buy one. And you're the perfect marrying age too!

    It's the same thing in the Philippines, btw, and I'm 30 so good luck to me, right.

    Btw I also love PS I Love You. I cried a lot in that movie.


  13. I think too that people should be accepted for who they are initially; and as the encounter between two people extends further perhaps each parties influence upon one another will promote change. I think also that acceptance is two way not one way; there should be a mutual giving and receiving! Other wise its a selfish endeavor and one party is bound to leave.

    My hope is that you will be matched with someone that adds to you and vise versea!

  14. LOL!! I love this post so much! That is a very long (and funny!) list. :)

    #atozchallenge, Kristen's blog: