Monday, April 10, 2017

Happiness Over Hatred - #H

Dear Daughter,

How are you in handling "hatred"? Are you the kind of person who keeps the anger inside you burning till it turns to the strong emotion hatred? 

There was a time until very recently I was such a person. I couldn't tolerate backstabbing and even now I can't. I can't tolerate broken promises. So when one does any of these I react in the most horrible way. I avoid them from my life and eventually start hating them. But one thing I didn't realize was, this hatred was making me a angry person. A bitter soul. Forgiveness was not even in the dictionary. The mere mention of that person's name could send me in flames. I was moody, frustrated and grumpy all the time. For what? For something the other person did? What did he gain? My imbalance in life. And what did I gain? Nothing. Just gave him the pleasure of his success.

Hatred doesn't end anything. It just keeps on building a negative aura around you making your soul and yourself unhappy and bitter all the time. When a person chose to do something you doesn't approve of, keep them away from your life but without any emotional baggage. They doesn't require all these attention you might be giving to them in your mind. Hatred is a very strong negative word. It doesn't do you good. But just destroys your happy soul bit by bit.

So cultivate happiness for a peaceful life and not hatred. 



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  1. What a powerful thought.. I agree that even at times I get into this mode of over hating to realise I am the one who is the most hurt in the process..

  2. Wise words. Hatred doesn't improve anything; in fact, it's behind most of the world's troubles.

  3. Yes I also prefer happiness over hatred. Although it's not easy but when you let it go, you feel light and happy.

  4. Hating someone who has hurt you gives them power. The best revenge is to ignore them and cut them from your life. Worry, hurt, and bitterness are destructive. Why would you give yourself such pain? Why would you give them more power?
    Walk away and live a good life without them.

  5. Hatred will only burn us from inside... Why make our life miserable because of how someone else acts. This is a wonderful lesson.

  6. That's wonderful Sheethal - I believe in getting your anger out . then it's not so important anymore... Happyness is what matters after all:-) XXXX

  7. Interesting post, Indeed Hatred takes away the soul of happiness
    Thanks for sharing
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  8. This post reminds me of my post on anger which I posted on the first day of A-Z. I've mentioned a quote which says 'Anger is punishing yourself for the mistake of others.' I guess, that's true for hatred too. Like you said, we end up being bitter and spoiling our own demeanor.

  9. Wise words why give the one so much advantage that he burns our blood that too when he dislike his/her actions to the core.

  10. Beautiful words... Nice post.