Monday, May 13, 2013

I still love you...

I still love you... 


In a person’s lifetime, we often find ourselves moving from one relationship to another. Sharing and spending months or sometimes years of our lives with different people who we fell in love with. But more often than not, we find ourselves looking back at one relationship that has silently remained in the crevices of our hearts.

Silently longing, and silently loving the person we once loved.

You may find yourself happy in your current relationship, convincing yourself that you've got everything that you need and that he/she is all you've ever dreamed of. But deep within our hearts we still crave for that certain touch, for another moment with that one person who could’ve been the one you spend your life with. That silently, you still would want to tell him/her “I still love you, despite all this years.”

Still in Love...
We often shrug off the images that comes into our minds. Images of our past that seem to haunt us all these years. You may find yourself still yearning for his/her voice and wishing he/she still felt the same way about you. Silently you wish that one day, you would hear them say “I still love you, too…”

But you try to focus and remind yourself that you are already committed to someone else, that you have already pledged your loyalty and love. We feel guilty for these thoughts. We try to control our emotions. Memories that lingers on is playing over and over just like a song.

You spend days of your life wondering what could have been, figuring out what if’s… and every time you pass by a common place, it reminds you of how you used to be happy together and how much love you have to offer only if…

Silently you pray to be given another chance, another moment for you to show how much you still love them. You wish that you can have another break to prove that life could’ve been much better if you were in it instead of her.
Now all you can do is just look back and sift through the cobwebs of your past. Hold on to the memories that are slipping fast. Wishing that not even one of them would leave you. Hoping that even as the years pass, you will still remember that very first kiss, the first time you met him, and that look that tells you how much he loves you. "I still love you."

You find yourself silently saying:
If only I had the courage to fight for our love,
If only I was given another chance to make you feel how good it was to be beside me again.
I wish that you would give me another chance for one last kiss, one last caress.

And one last moment to say I still love you.  

Then we wake up realizing that it's too painful to spend the passing days with regrets. We are awakened by the painful truth that there are no more chances to say I still love you. No more last chances. Maybe we will no longer get another chance in this lifetime. And that all we can wish for lies in the next one.  We will still find each other and wish that we will not make the same mistake again.

At the this point, all we can do is thank God because at one time in our lives we were able to spend special moments that you we will forever be grateful for. We are thankful that this person has spiced up our lives. Thankful that we are who we are now because of him or her… and that life will never be the same if he/she was not in it. 

I still love you.

God Blez.


  1. Not in terms of love, but in other things, I have been in situations when I have done things which I would never tell anyone to do in their *right* minds. (don't know why I wrote this comment)

    1. It happens to everyone... part of life...

  2. Aw, that is a very forlorn post. I think we all have that one person that could do anything to us, rip our hearts out and run them over with a ten tonne truck, and we'd still love them. Most of the time, however, that person is not worth our love. When we fine someone who is worth our tears, he/she will never make us cry!

    I nominated you for a Sunshine Award!

    Cheers from Brandy at

    1. Very True :)

      Thank you so much Brandy!Wow! :)

  3. Oh My! Have you been peeking into my heart and my head?

  4. I dont even know what to write. Im a bit overcome. Lovely post.

  5. Love mostly just happens, hai na? We cant seem to have much control over that, but don't be sad - for you have an amazing power within you - to love :)

  6. =) I actually found my hubby when I was 16, and there were other guys I cared about, but it became one clear path after Matt. I've had moments where of looking back and wondering, "What if?" But, the reality is, I'm with my perfect other half, and I wouldn't forgo that blessing for any reason. I'm a firm believer there's a right person for everyone out there, and you find that one if you have your eyes and heart wide open.

    1. Wow! That's such a sweet love story. Would be great to be with a person for so long with so much in love. :)