Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 12 - May Challenge 2013

This post is part of BEDMC.

Day 12, Sunday: What do you miss? (A person, a thing, a place, a time of your life...)

I miss my home town and home. 
I miss the familiarity and the "my own" feeling it bestowed upon me. 
I miss visiting the ocean, which became like someone close to me. 
I miss the warmth of love and pricking lost feeling in a cemetery. 
I miss all those people who were part of my life and who wouldn't make it to my present. 
I miss my childhood. 
I miss my yesterdays. 

 I miss everyone and everything I had to miss. 

 P.S. Keep Smiling. 

 God Blez.

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  1. I would miss the ocean too- don't like being too far from it!