Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 3 - May Challenge 2013.

This post is part of Blog Every day in May.

Day 3, Friday - Things that make me uncomfortable.

Silence, it just irritates and makes me so uncomfortable, and brings so much of bad things to my mind.  Esp. silence between conversations.

Tears – I can’t stand tears in my dear one’s eyes. And also crying babies. These two makes me too sad. :(

Not finding my mobile.

Someone invading my space, going through my things or mobile or laptop!

When people take my books and never return it back….. Aaarrgghhh!!!!!

I am Keralite. And in Kerala there are 14 districts, each of which has a particular and a different slang of Malayalam language. In this I very much hate the Trivandrum slang, even thou I live there. But these days, it’s not heard much, but my very sweet friends and brother, just to irritate me talks in this slang now n then.

People who breaks their promises. Coz of this I just don’t even give promises to anyone.

When long not so distant relatives say you, “Do you remember me? Last time I saw you, you were so little.”  Then how do they expect me to remember them.



People who chew with their mouths open. I hate the unbearable loudness of chewing!

PDA – Public Display of Affection
I find it cute to see older couples walking hand in hand somewhere. And i don't mind seeing more of it, that goes to show that as you age you can still love, be loved and be proud og being in love. And it's downright cute to see a couple steal a kiss when they think nobody is looking. These people seem almost child-like in the innocent sort of way. But they are certain people who make me feel like telling them to take a Room, some of where ever rather than opting for these public places! 

When you gonna get married??  This very question boils me up right now!

Aaaah..... that's it... for now.... I can't think any more!...

God Blez.

And have an awesome n relaxing weekend! 


  1. I am right there with you when people borrow books and don't deem it necessary to return them!! AAAARRRGHH indeed!!!

  2. So, when ARE you going to get married :P :D
    Kidding ;) You know as much as me, how I hate that question.

  3. Oh wow, another every day of the month challenge!
    That cartoon is adorable in its confusing-ness :-)

  4. Smokers - ick and loud, open-mouth chewers - ick and more ick!

  5. What a great list! Now I am off to sneak a little kiss from my hubby since he just got up.

  6. Silence irritates me because I am too much of a talkative person. I am guilty of not returning many people's books myself, many of whom have reconciled with life and moved on sans their books. I too don't promise anything to anyone. I can't even remember my 'near' relatives mostly.

    I chew with my mouth open, and no matter what I do, I can't stop the sound of chewing.

    I normally crack a joke at the marriage question. Something like, wait for 2 years, then I'll get married 2 times in succession :-)

    1. the mouth open chewing... my lil brother is the same... and if he's somewhere near me, then a definite hit for him ;)

      I already done with the two years wait answer.... have to find something else now.... :)

    2. You only did the 2 years thing, not the 2 marriages thing. The point is to make sure people have to think thrice before asking you about marriage :-)

      You can ask your parents at what age they got married. My dad at 32 and mom at 27. So, anything before 27 is a no-no. (If you try asking, make sure you sugarcoat it, or ask something else, like 'Mom, what year you guys got married?' and deduce it from there.)

      I am thinking what non-Indian readers think of this :-)

  7. Silence is good. You can gather your thoughts and ponder over them, it is not easy at first, but then you'll enjoy it and even come to appreciate it slowly.

    +1 for books, I can't seem to get the concept of lending books, books are like my babies and I hate it when people don't care for them properly or worse, fail to return them. :(

    I hate the marriage question myself. Feel like asking, especially from youngsters who get married just to make babies, it's HIGHLY annoying.

    1. I like solitude and silence. But silence between a convo is something irritates me.

      I stopped lending books now, that's the only way to keep them safe.

      Seriously, I am facing it like so much now. :(

  8. I meant to include people eating with their mouths open on my list bit forgot....hey your from Kerala, I went there with work for about 3 weeks. I didn't really get to explore much because it was all work, work, work. Lovely place though

    1. Yup, Kerala - God's own Country! :)

      If you happen to come down anytime again to Kerala, inform me... if 'm anywhere there, will meet up :)

  9. I can't stand when people borrow my books and don't give them back! I hate reminding people over and over again. It is so annoying!

  10. I totally forgot about borrowing the books! So many of those things just make my skin crawl with frustration!

  11. I agree with you on these things so much... especially PDA. Ugh!

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