Thursday, May 2, 2013

Day 2 - May Challenge 2013

Day 2, Thursday - Educate on us something you know a lot about or are good at. Take any approach you'd like (serious and educational or funny and sarcastic)

This is not something I am expert at.... but just my random Ramblings...

Heart Or Brain ...???

Brain is the most organized and disciplined part of our human body. Heart the most soft but strong and an emotional organ. Organized means brain is always thinking, rethinking, calculating and analyzing the pros and cons of a situation. But heart always gives priority to the moment and happiness. So who will you follow? Your Heart or Brain??

Personally I have done both. I have listened to my heart and was happy about it, even thou I had to face the consequences later. I ignored my heart and still repent for losing the happiness I would have experienced.

Following your heart means following your passion, dream, love, happiness and chasing away your fears. To follow your heart one should believe in themselves, have inner strength, courage and commitment. And following your heart is always the road less taken.

Listening to your heart gives so immense pleasure and satisfaction, and still we, including myself, neglect our heart and chase the brain. We suppress and deny the thumping feeling of our heart. Instead we give ourselves to money, society, security, stability and social status. Our society is driven with all these and we instead of living for ourselves and living for the society. When we feel like doing something, the first thought that crosses our mind, “What will the society think about me?” Actually do the society and the neighborhood pay for your well-being and are they the sole factors of your happiness?

Happiness, passion, empathy, love and concern doesn’t weigh the same as that of the social stigma.

Heart is the wild child in you and brain the practical and disciplined one. Wilderness doesnot feel the fear or anxiety but the practical and analytical child does. Brain will give solutions to be safe and sound in this world in trade. And heart, the path of stisfaction.

Unpredictable, spontaneous, wild and happiness – that’s the Heart. Predictable, analytical, safe and approval - that’s the Brain.

The path your heart leads maybe long, unsafe, inconvenient and unconventional. It may take huge amount of struggle, pain, courage and guts to reach the end. And during the journey you would have to face the many demons and the most important one been you. But still, at the end you will be facing a happy you.

What’s the use in living a life when you let down your heart all through the 50-60 years of your life, and then suddenly look back and regret for not taking path it showed you? Why give up your less paying passion for the money making job, if it just makes you wish the day to end soon. Why ignore your love for travel and die regretting that?

We see elder people, who look so ravishingly happy and glowing, it’s coz they lived a life they wanted. In the other side there are older people who walk around with dull, lifeless eyes, a sad or angry expression and slumped shoulders. They live just coz they have to. It is these people who have given up on their dreams and become resigned to the fact that their hearts desires are nothing but a fantasy.

Heaven and hell is here in earth itself. When you are a happy being, it’s a heaven in and around you. Or else you are living in a hell and the demon torturing you is you and your thoughts.Living a life with your heart in the lead is a life you will be proud of without regrets.

Life is all about being happy, chasing your dreams and passion and living wild. Take chances. Give everything & have no regrets. Life is too short to be unhappy. You have to take the good with the bad.

P.S. Praying for the courage to follow mine.

God Blez.


  1. insightful post Me! but i guess it is very difficult to follow our heart all the time!

    1. I agree.... it just takes so much of energy just to listen to our heart.

  2. I'm so glad you are doing this challenge! Beautiful post today, it would be lovely to always follow our hearts, unfortunately the brain overrules it sometimes.

    1. True. Brain is somewhat more powerful. :)

  3. Doll, you sound like an expert to me - especially your view of the two different types of old people. If my heart says no - I don't go, lucky for me it says yes a lot. Also in this sentence "Unpredictable, spontaneous, wild and happiness – that’s brain. Predictable, analytical, safe and approval - that’s the brain." did you mean to write brain twice... and I like to think I'm helping when I say been = being. P.s good on you for taking on another challenge I'll just be doing it every few days.

    1. Thanks a lot, Ida. That was a typo from my side..... corrected it. :)

  4. I think I am glad that my brain overrules my heart. Can't imagine what kind of trouble that would have brought me over the years!

  5. Oh how I love this post. I am just catching up and this one made my heart light. Hey as an aside, I have been trying to join but your follower section appears disabled any chance its something Im doing wrong? wouldnt be a surprise or the first time! Thanks, Z~

  6. I love this post! For me, I guess it depends on what I'm doing. When I write creative things, I lead with my heart. When I write about tech, or create tech, I lead with my brain. :)

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