Friday, March 8, 2013

I absolutely love being a Woman!

Women are one creation of God that I am extremely proud of and wonderfully grateful for being one (even thou once in a while I wish the opposite). Woman are smart and powerful. But they know how to use their soft side to make a point.

And the best ones in my eyes....

  1. The ability to give birth.
  2. We could give hugs anytime and get no questions.
  3. New last name, from every new marriage. :D
  4. Make up is part of our daily regime and no one will question us.
  5. Women can wear silky, frilly, any color clothes.
  6. Doors are held open for us and chairs pulled out for us.
  7. We can co-ordinate an event with just an SMS.
  8. We always get place in public transport. It’s the law.
  9. We can cry when we are stressed, happy or angry.
  10. We can read maps and ask for directions without any hesitation.
  11. We can bargain as if there’s no end.
  12. We can let out and control our emotions.
  13. We see through people and most of the time our intuitions are right.
  14. We can go shopping for hours and men are supposed to be our support factor and bill payer.
  15. We can be extreme good listeners and nonstop talkative.
  16. We can bring immense positive energy to the people around us with a smile and a good word and also can crap anyone’s mood with our cranky self.
  17. Women can multi-task with ease.
  18. Shoes are woman’s best friend and they serve as a weapon too.
  19. Chances of getting a speeding ticket is higher and flirting a way out is also far higher. ;)
  20. Woman is the queen of her palace, and if you mess with her, you are tossed out.

P.S. Happy Woman's Day to all the Women out in the world. You people are just beautiful, powerful and so graceful. We do make this place a better world.

God Blez.

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