Friday, March 15, 2013

Lil Sunshine...

This is Tejaswee Rao.

Isn't that such a happy smile???? :)

Never have seen her. Never have known her.

Met her last year through her blog, when I was surfing through the blogosphere. And there's a photograph on the right side of her blog, which shows a girl smiling showing all of her teeth. The smile is reaching not just her lips but her eyes too. And the radiance she spreads through her smile is so immense, that I feel in love with her.

Her writings are also like so positive, that even a routine update have so much of positivity and energy in it. And in a single sitting I read through all her posts, her friends & even strangers like me wrote in tribute to her. And in every word of others one could read the color, love and energy she bestowed to each other's life. At that time, even I was suffering from the loss of a dear one, and I would so clearly see how her family and friends were affected in her going away.

After some days she left my mind, until recently I stumbled upon her pic again. And she's been haunting me... in a good way. Why, such happy and good souls are taken away so soon??!! Whatever the reason maybe, till the 19 years of her life she have inspired many and is still doing through her writings. And her friends are going to adopt kids, cos she always wanted to.

I missed meeting you Tejaswee, in real... but happy to know you atleast through this virtual world.

P.S. It's not the years you live that counts, but the moments you gave others.

God Blez u lil one. Keep Smiling that infectious smile of yours. :*

Cheerz to you.

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  1. That is a beautiful picture of her! Yes, she has a beautiful smile! Thanks for sharing a little about her!