Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Brother!

I happened to come across a blog post when I was wandering in the blogosphere. The post was a letter written by a girl written to her parents and dear ones, which they are supposed to get after she passes away. The post was part of a contest.

Now after reading it, I thought of writing something like that. And began to scribble down in my diary. But left it half written, and went away for my other jobs. And today Brat was at home, cos of his study holiday. Been so interested in going through my personals, he went through my diary too.

After a while he came to me and asked, "Are you serious about what you are thinking?" As I had no clue about what he was referring to, I got confused. He said, "I read your diary and you are gonna suicide, na"...  I was so dumbstruck that I didn't know what to tell. And he was like, "Do tell me beforehand, I wanna take a pic of yours and also make you spend all your money on me". (Now, how did I get such a brother??..... ufff....).

And the rest of the days he was such a Brat, that I had to kick him more than twice just to shut up and study.

P.S. God give girls Brother's, esp the younger ones to teach us the virtue of patience and soft talking.

God Blez.

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