Monday, March 11, 2013


Brat's final exams for the year started.  And as every time, 'm his teacher for the season for the exam season. This time along with Brat his best friend is also there.

Ten years back I was in the same position as Brat, with a hell lot of ambitions and a definite aim. I had my life pre-planned and I knew what I'll do when reach my 20's. But at present, when I m walking towards my 24th year, I have no idea what I want and what I'll be doing the next moment. I learned that life is not gonna happen the way we plan it but it have it's own strategies. And it's up to us to navigate it to our best advantage.

Everything may not happen as we planned, but definitely something or the other will turn up as ours.

P.S Explore your life.

God Blez.

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