Thursday, April 9, 2015

Hasini ...

It was usual to find a snail mail in the letter box these days. It made him wonder who it would be, when everyone is just a Buzz or poke away. The handwriting looked similar… it was Hasini’s. 

A letter! 

Why? Why would she send a letter when she was literally avoiding him for a week? Why she didn’t respond for his calls or messages? Is something wrong? Did some fault come from his side? He had no idea. Maybe this letter is the answer. With shaking hands he opened her letter. 


Life is not always a bed of roses, maybe a bunch of roses with thorns. No journey is easy but till this moment it was beautiful. You were the love of my life and source of smile. You made me feel so special that I felt like the most perfect girl. You loved me despite of my weakness or stubbornness or not so calm nature. You judged me for what I'm in real rather than what I showcased the world. You always gave me yourself and yet made me take time for myself. I have been thinking about us for days now. But every time I come to the same conclusion. I can’t take this anymore! I am so Sorry!

I'll miss the times we spent together. I'll miss the sneaky moments we had away from the crowd. Those chats or midnight calls. I'll miss everything we had in our relation. But all good things don’t go on forever, na?
So with a heavy heart I'm asking you,
"Will you marry me?"  

Love Hasini.

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  1. The ending was such an 'Aha' moment :D


  2. that's such a sweet letter :) and that too handwritten :)

  3. Awww, very romantic story. Who can resist a love letter like that?

  4. He he marriage and kids end the romance between the couple. But the togetherness and feeling of fighting of whose turn it is to clean the potty is also a different experience. I guess with age the love between a husband and wife matures and it becomes a silent pillar of support :)

  5. Aw, how slushilly lovely! I hope he said yes!

  6. Oh, very romantic... Hoping for a happily ever after, now... (hint hint):-)

  7. Awww :) Lovely!

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    MopDog - 26 Ways to Die in Medieval Hungary

  8. I thought he was breaking up; interesting twist to ask for someone's hand in marriage.


  9. I thought she was trying to break it off at one point.
    Sweet love letter.

  10. Such a sweet proposal. Cute story, Sheethal. :)

  11. Superb ending, from emotional to happiness and smile. It's a roller-coaster:)

  12. Hahahaha! Too cute! "all good things don’t go on forever"! So get married! :D

  13. This is nice. I thought this was going to be a break up letter as well. Still authentic, since snail mail is obsolete these days.