Thursday, June 13, 2013

What Type are you?

I happened to come across this site when I was wondering in Bhavya's Ishithaa

It analyses your personality based on your Blog. But how? No idea! But looks fun... so here goes about My type....

The author of is of the type ISFP.

ISFP - The Artists

The gentle and compassionate type. They are especially attuned their inner values and what other people feel. They usually have a strong appreciation for art and beauty or things around them that affect the look, taste, sound or smell. 

They are not friends of many words and tend to take the worries of the world on their shoulders. They tend to follow the path of least resistance and have to look out not to be taken advantage of. 

They tend to value their friends and family above what they do for a living. They genuinely care about people. 

They are extremely gifted at creating and composing things that stimulates the senses, such as art, music or food. They often prefer working quietly, behind the scene as a part of a team. They have no desire to lead others and they don't want to be led. ISFPs are sometimes not good at giving him/herself enough credit for things they did well. 

Common satisfying careers: Fashion Designer, Artists, Interior Designer, Landscape Architect, Nurse, Massage Therapist, Botanist, Teacher, Geologist, Translator, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Cosmetologist and Translator. 

Notable ISFPs: Ulysses S. Grant, Sofia Coppola, David Lynch, Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, David Beckham, John Travolta, Liv Tylor, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Nero and Wicket the Ewok.

Aaah.... Really?? Anyways I loved them calling me an Artist! Maybe in future I can be an artist in it's true sense. 

So which is your Personality type? Go on... Give it a try! :)


  1. Not a bad thing to be, I like the thought of being an artist. I tried to do mine, but it didn't work. I'll try again later.

  2. Nice - I was a performer. Some of the analysis was exactly right, but other parts of it were way off. Fun though!

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