Saturday, June 15, 2013


Thought of participating in the Writer's Post Thursday Blog Hop #81

And this week Bhavya of Ishithaa is the host.

The theme is  Birthday

She opened her eyes... to him. The safest and the happiest place of hers. Waking up next to him every morning was her dream and growing old with him was her prayer. 

And here they are, next to each other. 

She cuddled more to him and whispered with a million dollar smile, "Happy Birthday Dear" and waited for him to open his eyes. But he, even without budging a bit or taking the trouble to open his eyes, kissed her forehead and murmured back, "Happy Birthday to Us, Sweetheart" and drifted back to sleep, hugging her. 

That simple wish made her day.

All the differences, distances, the mushy chottu mottu fights, craziness and the simple moments like these, remind her how blessed they are to have each other. Smiling and thanking her stars, she closed her eyes again to cherish those birthday moments of theirs. 


She opened her eyes... again. 

But to an absolutely empty bed. 

She hugged herself and whispered to the heavens to him... "Happy Birthday to Us dear. I miss you."

And she still thanked her stars ... but along with a tear drop. 


  1. oh my heart...what a lovely piece of prose. Z~

  2. Sad indeed. I want to get in a time machine to the time just before I read the last two paragraphs and then skip them.

  3. Sad to lose someone then dream they are still alive. Achingly sad.

  4. That was just so beautiful dear, yet so sad.

  5. My fervent prayer always is the second part never evcer play out in our lives...

  6. touching moment

    1. Thank you :) and thanks for visiting this space.

  7. Awww how sad. Brilliantly written but so sad!


  8. Lovely and so poignant. Very nicely written.