Saturday, August 4, 2012

Blurt Out.

It’s not about feeling good… it’s about getting accustomed with what you have and been happy for that. No one told that life was fair. And definitely life is never easy. It is so hard despite the beautiful theories and writings.

Life is Beautiful? Yea, life is beautiful, but only at certain moments. But the reality is stinking. Hard core sorrows and pains are always round the corner waiting to pounce its' claws on you. Get used to that!

Life is so monotonous. Even during most remembered years of our education, it was monotonous. But, then, there, we were lucky to find some souls as disturbed and crazy as us.  And hence the monotony was converted to pure fun. But when stepping into the reality of real life, usually we fail to find such souls and we keep on searching. And before long we just dismiss the search hormones. With that unfinished job left, we get frustrated and end up blaming  it on and in everything around us.

But what’s better than to blame it all on ourselves?

P.S. Don’t know what this is all about.  Just pure insanity.

God blez.

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