Sunday, August 26, 2012

I and Me.

I am thinking – that 'm insane or stupid ... Can't decide which one...

I said – to myself, it’s probably the others, they all look and act insane...

I hear – strange voices in my head questioning me.

I wish – I knew what I’m doing and where I’m heading...

I badly wish - I was Not born in a world where there's a huge lot of inequality between men and women.

I am – surprisingly simple or intensely complicated thoughtful soul.

I want – a job which 'm passionate about and a den where i can be alone but surrounded with books.

I miss – my childhood.

I sing – not that bad.

I wonder – what life has in store for me...

I am not – as optimist as in fairy tales but not too pessimist also.

I write – to clear my head and help me let go of pent up emotions.

I hate – people who don’t respect others, those who don’t value others emotions and ideologies and those who are just plain spineless.

I confuse – myself into believing that all people are inherently good.

I’ve learnt – some people are pure Evil.

I am passionate - about my dear ones...

I believe - it’s all about attitude and how u deal with whatever that happens.

I should – learn to let go more easily and move on with life.

I finish – everything I start.... or try to....

I regret – for some decisions I was not bold enough to take.
P.S.  The idea from a fellow blogger. 
Keep Smiling.
God Blez.

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