Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Day of the Week - #3 Family

When you have a beautiful family you don't need anything else. I would never say mine is a perfect one and there are times I have wondered, “Why God, Why I was born into this crazy family?” … But I would never trade anyone of them for anything else in this world. Thou they all eat my brain often; they have been there for me for everything. Moments even when I failed to be a perfect daughter, my parents still loved me and stood for me. Times even when I was rude to my siblings, and still they keep me more close. Distance may separate me from my cousins and relatives, but it only takes one buzz or call to get them all next to me. 

Thank you for been my family. Love you always. 


  1. Always good to have a wonderful family; a tremenous support system I do think!


  2. This post may be small but your heart is very big, very loving and very sincere. Such a cute post.

  3. Whoa...what nice and kind words. Grab this time now for thanking you. i just saw you there on my small list. Thank you for bringing me here too. :)
    Hope u can stop by and since i don't talk small and short hope u have the patience to go through...and in the end say something if you have to. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by. :)

      And yes... I am off to read your not so small talk. ;)

  4. There is nothing like a crazy family to keep us alive and kicking! I love my family too. Hugs for such a cute post. :)

  5. Absolutely :D Crazy family needed to keep us crazy :P Mine's a bit too sane sometimes I think ;)