Saturday, September 20, 2014

Things To Tick Off Before The Last Breath ...

1. Travel
I want to see, explore, and experience different culture, cuisines and everything new about all the (atleast most of the) countries in this world and esp. India. Even thou I would like to go with a friend or a dear one, some places are entirely reserved for solo travelling.

2. Learn
There are so many subjects I want to learn academically. But in between got diverted to things that never interested me. Now, took the initial step to the old road. Thou it is going to take almost another 10 years to reach there… I am on my way.

3. Adopt a Baby Girl
The day I hit 30 (if not married), going to write the application for this. If unfortunately I am married before that, I will make sure my man is in tune with this decision of mine. Therefore, whatever my relationship status will be, adopting a child tops the list.

4. Book Café
A cozy cave with so much of colors, lights and soothing music in the background. Nook and corners filled with bookracks. Hammocks, beanbags, couches, and common reading areas and also private spaces to those who want to hide from the crowd, party rooms. Lots of caffeine, beverages, chocolates, other sinful delights, some selected cuisines, laughter, smiles, memories etc etc etc .

5. Careers
Work for a Newspaper – I want to know how these papers work. How journalists give their best to write a story, how photographers hold their breath to capture that perfect shot, how all these are combined to form the bundle of paper we hold each day with a cup of coffee to know about the world.

Work for a NGO – MAD was the group who showed me that happiness doubles when you make another person happy, and triples if it is a child. Another event with the kids made me realize there are children who want to be heard, who seek companionship, just to be there for them, and to ensure that everything good is going to happen to them. When I was part of these tiny tot moments of them, the self-satisfaction I felt was so immense. And I want more of that. 

A teacher – No, I do not have the patience for this. Even an hour with my teenage brother along with his books, makes me scream, take a cane, blackmail him, pinch him, and makes me completely insane. So hours with students bearing all their acts is something above my tolerance level. But the way a teacher can touch a child’s life is magical. And atleast for once, I wish… I hope… I pray… I could be part of that magic.

6. Adventure
Sky diving/Paragliding/River drafting/Mountaineering/Scuba diving/etc etc …. These are things I intent to do when I pack my backpack and leave home to see the world. So when travelling is happening this is also definitely going to happen.

7. Live in New York
These days travelling to NY is not a big deal. But I don’t want to just visit that place and come back. It has always mesmerized me just by letting me know her through movies and books. I want to live there atleast for a year, be a part of everyday life in NY and want to know that place like the back of my hands.

8. My very own Library
This is one dream very bibliophile cherish. Same goes for me too. Imagine just opening that door in your house, when you are in need of a book. No driving. No shopping. No waiting. Nothing! Just take that book from the shelf, find a cozy corner, and curl up with a cup of cocoa and the book. Bliss!

9. Publish a Book
No… not my live story. A fiction? Not sure. But something.

10. Live life with no regrets

Waking up someday when I’m in my 60’s, 70’s or 80’s and realising that I didn’t live my life the way I wanted or didn’t see those places I dreamt of or didn’t read/see/experience that book/movie/show I so badly wanted too or didn’t take up that career I saw myself in or was too late to say “I love you” to someone or anything like that. Someone once said that peaceful death comes to those people who lived their dream life in their own terms. Therefore, that is the ultimate aim. 


This is a topic seen in Indiblogger. 
These days’ bucketlists are incomplete without tags. So to make the story complete, I’m tagging Bhavya, Shalini, Meena, Shailaja & Gayatri  to share their 10 “must-do” things list. And anyone interested can take up too. Waiting to read all the list. :) 


  1. A very cool list. I like your 'josh' ; keep it up and hope fulfill all of them. Will be a permanent member of your cafe.

  2. Absolutely great goals and dreams --- we always wanted to adopt a child and did as well -- 32 years ago! Keep us posted as you tick off your list! My favorite is your last one

  3. Very ambitious list! I hope you are able to achieve all of your dreams. :)

  4. LOVE your bucket list Sheethal, especially a book cafe WITH hammocks! And beanbags! Oh my! Can you build it in my hood?! I'll be there every day, well maybe not every day except in my mind. ;) I also love the 'live life with no regrets" and I do hope you get to fulfill all your life's dreams and bucket list. Go girl! ;) <3

  5. That's quite a list! Well compiled and worded :)

  6. Waah this is called bring clear in ur thots ... Impressive

  7. And you'll achieve all those goals for sure, Susan!

  8. May you achieve all these goals and more....Wish you all the luck :)

  9. Quite a list you got there! May you achieve all of these and more :)

  10. All the best for your goals. I will tag you when I am done with mine :)

  11. I can see a lot of my secret wishes there, Sheethal! I really hope that each one of it comes true for you :) Hugs!

  12. Very Impressive list Sheethal.I nod-off with most of your points.Library- I have already started working on this one.Though its just an idea, but am head bent to fulfill this.

    1. Thanks Anu. :) ... And I am gonna visit your Library very soon ;)

  13. That is one beautiful list. Shows how cute a person you are :)

  14. A great bucket list, Sheethal!! I am sure you will definitely achieve everything in there!

  15. Aaahh Sheethal, I love your list! I wish for you to achieve all of them and many more.. Will looooove to come ang hang around your book cafe!! You gonna have to kick me out at closing time:-) :-)

    1. Thanks Eli. Once I open ... I am going to invite you personally. :)

  16. Cool list Sheethal. Sorry that I couldn't write any sooner. Here's mine. Thanks for tagging me :)

  17. Hello,
    Very well written.Even I want to travel the world.keeping my fingers crossed.And I have tried snorkeling,scuba diving is on my list.
    Thanks for sharing wonderful post.