Monday, October 21, 2013


The house was so full of noise. Cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, near and far relations... every single space was filled with happy smiles and non stop blabbering's.

Pooja felt happy, but at the same time frustrated too. In two days she was supposed to pack her bags to her new house and family. She was happy to be getting married to her Mr. Love, but fear tingles her tummy at the thought of leaving her childhood home,  precious room and her folks. Her mom was constantly reminding her that, from now on-wards her in-laws and their home was her own. "But, how am I going to manage in a strange place, among new people all alone? ", she thought to herself. She was getting frantic.

Just then,  "Aah... here you are, daydreaming? ". Her cousins teased from behind. Ignorance is indeed bliss, she thought to herself and went to join them neglecting her fears and smiling.


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  1. Well chosen words indeed!:)
    Short & crisp :D

  2. Ignorance is indeed bliss if knowledge can cause a loss of peace.... ;)