Monday, July 15, 2013

Every Night in my Dreams!

Saw a music post in Preetilata's blog during ABC Challenge. Now Bhavya's Kuch Khaas Hai triggered me to do this. Do check out these two awesome blogs, they do have some writings to grip you.

This is something which should be written while completely immersed in the world of music.

Four simple rules to it.

1. Put your Music Player on Shuffle mode.
2.For each question press 'Next' button to get your answer.
3. You must write the name of the song no matter what it turns out to be.
4. And No Cheating. ;)

1.   If someone says "Is this okay?", you say

                  Pari pari hai ik pari
                  Aasmaan se aa giri
                  Saamne mere khadi
                  Mujhe usse pyaar ho gayaa

2.   What could best describe your personality?

                 Idazhin oru oram sirithai anbe
                 Nijamaai ithu pothum siripai anbe

3.   What do you like in guy/girl?

                 Mar jawan mar jawan
                 Tere ishq pe mar jawan

4.   How do you feel today?

                 Soyi soyi palko pe chalke
                 Mere sapno ke khidki pe aa gaya
                 Aate jaate phir mere dil ke
                 Inn haathon mein woh khat pakda gaya
                 Pyar ka.... lafzo mein rang hai pyar ka

                 Bahara.... Bahara.... :D

5.   What is your life's motto?

                 Lat Lag Gayeee ....

                 Baimaan dil bada baimaan
                 Hota nahi aasaan
                 Ise hai samjhana

6.   What do you think of your parents?

                What actually came up was a bgm from Deva Thirumagal -  Life is beautiful!

7.   What do you think about very often?

                Ethrayo janmamayi ninae njn thedunnu
                Athramel ishthamayi ninneyen punyame

(My all time fav... It's a mallu song!)

8.   What is 2+2?

                Bikhre toote tukde saare jud rahe hain dheere dheere
                Haule hauley
                Betuke se sur woh aare mill rahe hai dheere dheere
                Haule hauley

9.   What do you think of your Best Friend?

                Sun raha hai naa tu
                Ro raha hun main

                                  (Aashiqui 2)

10.   What do you think of the person you like?

                Let it be, let it be
                Ab jaane de
                Ro liya hai
                Zara muskuraane de
                Itna toh hak banta hai
                Mujhe ek chance
                Toh dede zindagi

11.  What is your life story?

               Life is a dream you can't explain
               Love can chase the bidding of your heart
               Like the sunshine in the rain
               Love can make your whole world fall apart
               But I want it now
               I just wanna spent my life with you 

                          (Blush Blush)

12.  What you want to be when you grow up?

              Tu hi toh jannat meri, Tu hi mera junoon
              Tu hi to mannat meri, Tu hi rooh ka sukoon
              Tujh mein rab dikha hai
              Yaara mein kya karu

13.  What do you think when you see the person you like?

              Har ghadi badal raha hai roop zindagi
              Chaav hai khabi hai dhoop zindagi
              Kal Ho Na Ho

14.  What do your parents think of you

              Main hoon gumsum tu bhi khamosh hai
              Sach hai samy ka hai sad dosh hao
              Dhadkan dhadkan ik gham rehat hai
              Jaane kyu phir bhi dil kehta hai
              Jee le zara, jee le zara

15.  What will you play on your wedding?

               Surkhwala, sauz wala, Faiz wala love
               Hota hai jo love se jyada waise wala love
               Ishq wala love

16.  What will they play at your funeral?

               Heer heer na akho adiyo
               Main te sahiba hoi
               Ghodi leke aave lejaaye

17.  What is your biggest secret?

               Challa ki labh da phire
               Challa ki labh da phire
               Yaaron da ghar kheda
               Lokan toh pucha phire

18.  What do you think about your friends?

              Chali re, chali re
              Junoon ko liye
              Katra, katra lamho ko diye
              Pinjre se uda dil ka shikra
              Khudi se maine ishq kiya re

              Jiya jiya re jiya re
              Jiya jiya re jiya re

19.  What should you post this as?

               Every night in my dreams 


  1. I could turn your skin red with so many 'same pinches' that match my playlist :D Too many coincidences to be termed as the 'Gemini thing' :D
    Glad you did this post, its a lot of fun na :)
    Psst: The song they are going to play at your wedding is a cute one :) :)

    1. Seriously, too many coincidences. Waiting to discover more of our similarities. :)
      Yea, was fun... was grinning the whole time while doing this post.
      Pssst: :D

  2. Aha! Beautiful collection of songs you have for sure. Isn't is amazing how seamlessly the songs fit in? It seems as in we did it deliberately. But hell no. :)

    Thanks for the mention dear. I never knew this random post of mine would grow on my readers. :)

    1. Thank you :). True. Whatever songs come up, it almost seems to fit in with the question.

      Bloggers like you are really an inspiration to follow. :)

    2. note to Preetilata - Pretty, inspiring lifes huh? :P

      note to you - new here. and if ppl like Pretty are gona inspire you, I think I might come more often :D

    3. @Anil Sawan: Every individual is an inspiration in one way or the other... and I think you are also... ;)

  3. haha not me for sure :P i am too irregular a visitor in blogsville to be an inspiration :D. be inspired by people who write regularly, be inspired by those who treat blogsville with respect, be inspired by people who make genuine friends and not add people to the list of frequent voters and additional comments :) be inspired by real bloggers friend, its easy to loose path here.

    1. Yes, easy to loose path here. But still looking forward to read more of yours :)