Sunday, June 17, 2012

OUR day !!!

JUNE 16!!! Yesterday it's been 23 years since i stepped on this earth.


Four years back i met someone unexpectedly who shares the same birthday with me. We became close and promised each other to celebrate not just the b'thdays but the future together. But we couldn't make it that year as we were on two different countries of the same continent. But we made it up by wishing each other @ 12 on dot. But two months after that he just vanished to a place beyond my reach... a place from where noone came back ever... a place to where no one can go until he's called.

This is the 3rd June after he went. Every day, every hour n every sec i wish to be waken up from a dream to your voice... but that still remains as a dream itself.

But i still celebrate every day with you itself... my mornings... my happiness... smiles... tears... everything !!! So this birthday is also celebrated with you.... every sec.

Many Many happy returns of OUR special day.

U were missed sooo very much.... and no words can describe that.


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