Thursday, February 9, 2012

Frustrated with Life.


The always most cruel reality of life.  

Men are so damn powerful…but in the case of death everyone is helpless. When God of destruction/death comes between us and takes our dear ones, we can't do anything... one situatn where we're soo freaking helpless that we just have to stand there looking at him taking them away from us…. FOREVER.  (One place where forever means forever itself.)

I always visualized God to be so beautiful,kind and warm. But he was nevh kind in taking lives... that to those lives which dosnt even strtd living. Now I think God f death as Hinduism portraits is with horns, cruel, cold and doesn’t even know what sympathy means.

God have already decided our fate, our days… and how does pray can alter that?? He doesn't mean to change it. I know prayer is make us strong enough to face his decisions… but doesn't we have any right to atleast have our people for a minimum time. They were given to us as our own… then why should he take them back before they lived their life?  I knw he owns us…he's THE creator and  THE destroyer … but don't the creator care for our happiness??

For me it seems like… I have them this moment… God takes them back the next second. 'm feeling so jinxed, so unlucky and soo damn depressed.

1 hour before he was on the way to see me and now 'm hearing he’s no more.

Yesterday I talked to my brother and today I attended his funeral. 

What the hell is this?

How do God think one should have the strength and the heart that doesn't loose in all this? Above all pressures from all the sides regarding various issues. I always see myself as a strong person and I put up a smiling face even when 'm drowning. But that helped me to hold on. But now, in and out 'm BROKEN.

U shattered half of my world… but that shattered piece still existed… but now with he too gone… nothing more exists.

What m I left with ??? 

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