Monday, February 25, 2013

A-Z f My Favorites.

Alone – Some time for yourself is the best leisure one could afford.

Books & Beach – Both have qualified to be my best friends. They keep me energized when I am bored and in my mood swings.

Coffee & Chocolates - Anywhere, anytime... these two are the best indulgences that would never fail to bring a smile in my face. :)

Driving – I prefer driving alone. When I could blast out the songs, talk to myself, and just stare forwards. Someone dear to me once said that it’s when I drive that I am lost in thoughts. (Yea, I know that is not the quality of a good driver)

Earrings – Long, short, chunky, white, black, silver… whatever, if it looks good… then it’s mine. If it’s in yellow metal, if it’s in yellow metal, then preferably small ones.

Freedom & Friends –Life without freedom is equal to death. And life without friendship is equal to loneliness.

Girls Day Out – A day with all my  girl mates and then uploading all the freaky pics. That's definiely an happy day.

Happiness – To be happy in life. That’s my ultimate ambition.

Ice cream – Walk or a ride in a two wheeler with an ice cream when it drizzles. :D

Junk Jewelry’s – Earrings, bangles & bracelets!

Kids – They always makes this world the most beautiful.

Love – I love to be loved and to love.

Mobile – Who connects you so instantly to your FB, friends, mail, blog, take pics, serves as your journal , shows time, date, year and updates you with everything??

Night – Drive into the infinity of darkness. When I’m gonna get that wish of my fulfilled?

O - Oxygen!

Photographs - Photographs are memories. It is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever... it remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything

Quality Time - Some quality time with your near & dear ones is Priceless.

Rain - Rain makes everything better. When you're sad, you can cry in the rain. When you're happy, you can dance in the rain. And when you're in love, you can kiss in the rain.... 
Should i say more...??? ;)

Shoes :D - A girl can never own too many pairs of shoes. :P

Teddy Bears - A Teddy bear is a part of childhood innocence who could never wanna lose.

U - You! My love.

my Vehicles - In love with all my vehicles. Esp my bloody red i10. 

Winter - Cold, Cozy nights, warm blankets and hot chocolate. For all these there should be winter!

Xtra Goodness - Having an extra goodness in everything is always so good.

Y - Why? My favorite question. :D

Zzzzzzz - Sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!!

P.S. Favorites makes a person.

God Blez.

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