Monday, July 2, 2012

Craving for a Change.

She was someone who took life as it comes. Thou life was not the Best it was Beautiful. Obviously, it had its ups and downs but it didn't stop her from been happy. She was a stubborn, pampered n rotten, childish and a happy girl. But during the journey of life she lost a close person of hers to death. It hit her. It hit her BIG time. It made her fall from the top of the world to the black hole deep down from where seeing any ray of light was just impossible.  Even now at times she just blankness out of reality. It made her look at life in a new way... in a horrible way. Made her drift away from human, God and even herself. She was angry at God.  At everything and anything.
There were countless of sleepless nights and also in-numerous nights when she used to cry herself to sleep. She knew that what happened cannot be erased and she had to live with it till the end. But knowing is something different from living it.

As time passed she learned to live with the loss... but by that time she had changed... it was as if all the positive energy had just drained out of her.

But that one incident made her strong.

Now moving aside all the negatives she decided to be her old self. It might take time... but trying is more worthy than letting go.

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